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Econtalk is a weekly podcast that has been running since 2006. It’s hosted by Russ Roberts - a religious Jewish economist. There are weeks where the focus is on economic themes, but he also covers a broad range of other interesting areas including culture, philosophy, and history.

Russ is an awesome role model. Unsurprisingly if you have been doing the same podcast for almost twenty years, you get rather good at it. He is kind, intelligent, thoughtful, considerate, curious, wise, engaging and funny. He has changed my mind on a number of important issues; gently, and over time.

Everyone should listen to every episode! However, there are links below to some of my personal, favourite episodes. The subject is not always a great predictor of the outcome.

Date Guest Topic
Nov 11, 2019 Rory Sutherland Alchemy
Oct 10, 2022 Roland Fryer Educational reform
Apr 20, 2020 Vinay Prasad Cancer drugs and medical ethics
Aug 28, 2023 Vinay Prasad Cancer screening
Aug 14, 2023 Adam Mastroianni Brain, the ears and what we lean
Feb 13, 2023 Adam Mastroianni Peer review
Apr 01, 2019 Jacob Stegenga Medical Nihilism
Nov 27, 2023 Tyler Cowen The GOAT of Economics
Oct 18, 2021 Rowan Jacobsen  Truffle Hound
Feb 21, 2022 Luca Dellanna Compulsion, Self-deception and the brain

Finally, not only is Russ a great podcast host, he is a fantastic guest. His appearance on The Seen and the Unseen is something to behold.