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Econtalk is a weekly podcast that has been running since 2006. It’s hosted by Russ Roberts - a religious Jewish economist. There are weeks where the Feb 16, 2024
Econtalk Feb 16, 2024 is a weekly podcast that has been running since 2006. It’s hosted by Russ Roberts - a religious Jewish economist. There are weeks where the Peter Singer’s Shallow Pond Feb 14, 2024 Peter Singer is a legendary philosopher, famous for sparking the animal rights movement with his book Animal Liberation. He’s a big thinker on The Tyranny of the Shoulds Feb 3, 2024 What if most of the frustration that we experience in life is avoidable? From the excellent - and highly recommended - book Change your Thinking Who’d want to be a billionaire? Jan 27, 2024 The existence of inordinately wealthy individuals is the cause of consternation in modern times, keen as we are on equality. The world’s richest A justification for kindness Jan 21, 2024 As someone wise said: People aren’t stupid, life is hard. How about these controversial / not controversial ideas Everything that matters in The Protein Leverage Hypothesis Jan 12, 2024 I read the cracking 5 Appetites book last year. It’s disappointing, though not remotely surprising, that interesting new ideas about nutrition have Books for Wellbeing Jan 2, 2024 How about this for a nice start to the year? I was asked last year by a friend to pull together a list of books that I would recommend reading. Our Experiencing and Remembering Selves Mar 2, 2021 We have two different ways of gauging the quality of the experiences we have in our lives. Daniel Kahneman, in his book Thinking Fast and Slow, The Surprising Benefits of Journaling Jan 15, 2021 I introduced a practice of journaling into my life in June last year. I’ve become a convert and have established a consistent, daily habit of The Putin Heuristic Nov 16, 2020 goes like this. Always choose the opposite position on any domestic matter to that stated by an evil, foreign dictator Silver Bullet Fallacy Sep 21, 2020 No matter how great our lives, we are always beset by problems. Some of them go away by themselves, and others respond to simple interventions. Taming Twitter Sep 17, 2020 There is a lot that is good about Twitter and at its best it is a great source of information and inspiration. Many prominent people are signed up The Joy of Cycling Aug 18, 2020 The best sport is the one that you do - anything that gets you off your arse, generates a degree of challenge and requires a bit of endeavour is a Five ‘truths’ that aren’t true Jun 27, 2020 It’s a constant source of both amusement and bewilderment to me that almost everything that ‘science’ has told us about wellbeing is wrong. The last A Better Life Jun 5, 2020 We all want a happier future for ourselves and those around us. This drive is not optional - we are machines made to survive and reproduce. Our What to eat May 2, 2020 We all want to live forever, and part of our strategy inevitably acknowledges the role of nutrition in support of this goal. As in all matters, we The Magic of Habits Apr 3, 2020 Let’s kick off with four ideas that I believe to be true Only bad things happen quickly - expect anything worthwhile to take a long time We Turmeric and Ginger Slurry Jan 19, 2020 Inspired by good friend Lawrence Hunt, and guided by this recipe, I’ve created my own, highly unpalatable version that’s relatively quick and easy Bad News Jan 9, 2020 A few years ago, principally triggered by the Brexit referendum outcome and the associated trauma, I asked myself the question What would happen if Ten Books Dec 16, 2019 Man do I love reading, sitting as it does in the very nexus of pleasure and meaning; intrinsically enjoyable, satisfying of intellectual curiosity
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